Canadian Health News: Treatment by the Sun

The more solar energy you take in yourself, the greater softness and magnetism will develop in you.

When one puts his hands with palms facing the Sun, this can warm the entire body, because the warmth of nerves passes throughout the entire body. Treatment by the Sun

Go out under the Sun every morning, exposing your back first to the south, then a little to the north, a little to the east and stay in that position for one hour from 7 to 8 a.m. Direct your mind to God and say: “God, enlighten my mind. Give health to all people, as well as to me along with them.” Then start to think about the most beautiful things you know. Do this experiment during the entire year. You will see that 99% of your experiment will be successful.

The good effect of the Sun on humans improves the state of the arterial blood. The Sun raises human thoughts and feelings, thanks to which human blood cleans too.

There are such diseases, which do not submit to any drug generic viagra no prescription, but disappear once you expose them to the quiet sunbeams. Lumps, bumps will disappear after 2-3 months. When one connects to God, when the Divine light comes, the lumps gradually disappear.

I say that the only best surgeon I know is the Nature – the sunbeams. Only they cut most appropriately – they cut the rotten meat most properly without affecting the healthy one.

When you want to treat yourself, expose your back to the early sunbeams. When you want to gain internal peace of mind, expose your back to the going down Sun and face eastward.

I have often said that one should communicate with the light. If your back hurts, expose it to the Sun, to the light, think about it, about what it contains and the pain will disappear. All diseases of the mind result from deficiency of light, of the heart – of deficiency of warmth. All diseases of the soul result from deficiency of truth.

When one gets ill, he has to connect with the energy of the Sun and the Moon. If he cannot contact them directly, let him use the plants and minerals that are associated with the energy of the Sun and the Moon and transform them properly.

Do not look at the Sun when it shines strongly. Watch it in the morning when it rises. There is also a particular way of taking in the sunlight, not only through the eyes. Few people can use properly the light, air and water. Most people breathe only by their lungs. There is another way of breathing – through the astral body or through the etheric doppelganger.

Whatever discomfort you have, if you expose your back to the Sun, the discomfort will disappear. If your discomfort is due to negative thoughts, expose your back to the south and the face to the north. It will not take long before your discomfort disappears. If you have caught a cold, expose your back to the south, to the sunbeams. They heal all diseases. If the energies, which have produced your discomfort, are positive, turn your face to the south and your back to the north and the discomfort will disappear.