Canadian News: People and Their Environment

What will bring the stone house to man? Nothing, but misfortunes and sufferings. He must live at least 20 years in it to remake the rough material from which it is made. People and Their Environment

It is easy to process the rough and low matter and turn it into finer. The body is also a house, but the better the matter, from which it is made, is organized, the healthier one is.

The healthiest homes are those that are made of trees, then the ones made of bricks come, and stone buildings are at the end. The healthiest homes are the ones made of glass.

Wooden houses are healthier than the stone ones. A house made of old trees transfer something valuable to people. If you are weak and painful, go out early in the morning and lean your back on an oak for 15-20 minutes to refresh.

A home must have at least three windows – to the east, to the south, and to the west, and these windows to be at least a meter and a half wide in order lots of light to be able to enter from outside. Homes shall not be square Corners are to be rounded for the atmosphere to be soft.

If someone has given you to eat something and he has put a bad thought in it, if you eat it, you will feel the thought and you will experience discomfort. In the past, people who knew these secrets of Nature, never wanted to eat bread, kneaded by a bad person, because they knew that there was something put in the bread, which was not good. This applies to everything given as a present. If your heart does not accept it, if it is not pleasant for you, do not accept it. I see that someone deliberately avoids walking along certain streets. He may use roundabout streets, but he shall pass through the streets, which are pleasant to him. May be the Earth flows do not correspond to his organism or the thoughts of the people, who live on those streets, are not in harmony with his ones – there always will be something. This is not a superstition. This is prevention. If you listen to your internal radio, it will tell you from where to pass, how to start off, etc. Nowadays, people do not listen to anything – they eat when they should not; sleep when they should not, and want to be healthy.

I tell Bulgarians not to be afraid, because they are the liver of mankind. If Bulgarians disappear, the liver will disappear, too. If the liver disappears, digestion cannot be performed properly. Each people performs a special work in the common Divine organism.

Ill people are not allowed in Heaven. They will ask you there: “Why are you ill? Didn’t you have money, food, air, water? All this is given to you in abundance, but you have not used it properly. Come on now, go back to Earth to learn to use properly the blessings.” Spiritual people must be absolutely healthy in body, heart, and mind.

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Do you think that the light that is sent to you from the invisible world will not be taken into account? Do you think that the bread you have eaten or the energy you have used will not be taken into account? Every word of yours said in vain will be taken into account. Your life will be filmed in front of you in details to see how you wasted your time and how you spent your energy randomly.

It is all chronicled in the invisible world.